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Where do you see yourself in one year five years ten years free essay sample

Where do you see yourself in one year? five years? ten years? It’s an inquiry numerous individuals face in interviews, yet don’t set aside the effort to get ready for it. You might be enticed to imagine where you’ll be in five years on an individual level, however that’s not a fitting method to respond to the inquiry. Businesses are searching for a couple of explicit characteristics when posing this inquiry. You are focused on the organization The current position is a characteristic advance toward your drawn out objectives You are self-roused and have goals past the current position Your desires coordinate the company’s You mean to remain with the organization long haul. Regardless of whether you don’t mean to, this isn't an ideal opportunity to demonstrate that You are centered around your activity target and profession destinations and not just taking the main occupation that is offered You will carry expanding an incentive to the situation as you develop and meet your drawn out objectives One of the most significant things you can do is to tune in to the issues that should be illuminated while you are meeting. We will compose a custom article test on Where do you see yourself in one year? five years? ten years? or on the other hand any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page Address these while responding to the five-year question; situating yourself as a drawn out arrangement supplier for the organization. A typical concern is sounding excessively driven, which could cause the employing supervisor to feel compromised. Maintaining a strategic distance from this is shrewd, yet it’s great to show a sound degree of reasonable desire. 1. On the off chance that you are a chief or wish to get one, underline your enthusiasm for having more duties just as coaching others to profit the organization. 2. On the off chance that you wish to pick up aptitude in a field, underline this while figuring out how to show that your objectives tie into the company’s destinations too.

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Free Essays on The Revolt of Mother

Local Disobedience and the job of ladies in â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother’† In an exposition by Mary Wilkins Freeman Reflecting on her story â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother’† she composed that: In any case all fiction should be valid and â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother’ â€Å" isn't accurate . . . . There never was in New England a lady like Mother. In the event that there had been, she positively would have come up short on the nerve. She would likewise have come up short on the creative mind. New England ladies of that period matched with their spouses in believing that the wellsprings of riches ought to be preferred housed over the buyers. (qtd. in Gassler) The above statement uncovers Freeman’s understanding that the prevailing perspectives on how society and the family are organized are once in a while tested or even observed as an issue. In the man centric cultivating society of New England, ladies comprehended their place and didn't think to challenge it. However, this misrepresentation as Freeman sees it is actually what makes her story so convincing and permits it to light up the situation of lady in a mistreated society. In â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother,’† Freeman, by contrasting Sarah Penn’s character and activities with chronicled revolts including men, places Sarah’s female demonstration of household noncompliance with regards to significant man centric revolts and shows how Sarah rebels against three male-overwhelmed structures. Freeman sets up the male predominance in male centric culture from the earliest starting point of the story. Toward the start of the story, when Sarah goes outside to ask her better half â€Å"what are them men diggin’ over yonder in the field for† he basically â€Å"shuts his mouth tight† and keeps on bridling his pony (168). The male doesn't need to unveil any data to his better half on the off chance that he couldn't care less to do as such. His quietness doesn't involve shortcoming however of his predominance. His capacity dwells in the way that he can stay quiet without outcome. The portrayal of the husband’s activities ... Free Essays on The Revolt of Mother Free Essays on The Revolt of Mother Household Disobedience and the job of ladies in â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother’† In a paper by Mary Wilkins Freeman Reflecting on her story â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother’† she composed that: In any case all fiction should be valid and â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother’ â€Å" isn't accurate . . . . There never was in New England a lady like Mother. On the off chance that there had been, she surely would have come up short on the nerve. She would likewise have come up short on the creative mind. New England ladies of that period harmonized with their spouses in imagining that the wellsprings of riches ought to be preferred housed over the purchasers. (qtd. in Gassler) The above statement uncovers Freeman’s understanding that the prevailing perspectives on how society and the family are organized are once in a while tested or even observed as an issue. In the man centric cultivating society of New England, ladies comprehended their place and didn't think to challenge it. However, this misrepresentation as Freeman sees it is actually what makes her story so convincing and permits it to light up the predicament of lady in a persecuted society. In â€Å"The Revolt of ‘Mother,’† Freeman, by contrasting Sarah Penn’s character and activities with authentic rebellions including men, places Sarah’s female demonstration of residential defiance with regards to significant man centric revolts and shows how Sarah rebels against three male-commanded structures. Freeman sets up the male predominance in man centric culture from the earliest starting point of the story. Toward the start of the story, when Sarah goes outside to ask her better half â€Å"what are them men diggin’ over yonder in the field for† he just â€Å"shuts his mouth tight† and keeps on bridling his pony (168). The male doesn't need to unveil any data to his better half in the event that he couldn't care less to do as such. His quietness doesn't involve shortcoming however of his predominance. His capacity lives in the way that he can stay quiet without result. The depiction of the husband’s activities ...

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Blog Archive MBA Career News Ending the Interview Strong

Blog Archive MBA Career News Ending the Interview Strong In this new blog series, our mbaMission Career Coaches offer invaluable advice and industry-related news to help you actively manage your career. Topics include building your network, learning from mistakes and setbacks, perfecting your written communication, and mastering even the toughest interviews. To schedule a free half-hour consultation with one of our mbaMission Career Coaches, click here. As you come to the end of the allotted time with your interviewer, he/she will likely invite you to ask a few questions. Although you may think the hard part of the interview is over, do not lose focus. These last few minutes can be particularly important in accomplishing the following: Reiterating your interest in and qualifications for the position Demonstrating your understanding of the company’s challenges Gathering more information about the company and the role Furthering your rapport with the interviewer We suggest preparing five to seven questions to ask at the end of each interview, though you will likely have time to ask only one to three. What types of questions are appropriate to ask? We recommend asking questions that relate to the job (day-to-day responsibilities and metrics of success), the interviewer (his/her personal experiences at the firm), the company and/or team (mission, culture), and next steps (when you should expect to hear back). Remember, you do not have the job (yet), so keep your questions positive and not too probing or direct. You will have the chance to ask a lot more questions after an offer is extended to determine whether the job is the right fit for you. Smart questions are tailored to the situation based on the following considerations: The interviewer (his/her role, level of seniority)  â€"  Ask questions about topics into which the interviewer will have insight and on which he/she can comment. Do not ask a very senior-level executive about the day-to-day responsibilities of an associate role, for instance; instead, ask about the future of the firm. Your interest  â€"  Demonstrate your level of company knowledge by asking questions that build on information you already have about the role/company or that can help you better understand the opportunity/company. Your desire to learn more  â€"  Do not ask simple “yes” or “no” questions, but focus on open-ended questions that will get both of you talking and will allow you to learn more about the opportunity. Previously asked/answered questions â€"  Make the end of the interview as conversational as possible. If you ask a question and your interviewer provides an answer, consider whether to ask a follow-up question based on his/her initial response. As you prepare for your interview, consider the following sample questions: What are the immediate projects that need to be addressed in this role? What makes an employee successful in this role? or What attributes are necessary to be really successful in this role? or What constitutes success in this position and at this company? What are the biggest challenges someone in this position will face? or What is the single largest problem facing your staff, and would I be in a position to help you solve this problem? I’m really excited to leverage my experience in X to help with the product launch of Y. Can you tell me more about the goals for this new product? Can you tell me about the team I’ll be working with? What has been the biggest accomplishment of this group? Why did you decide to join this firm? or Throughout my networking, I heard from many people that the company culture is what attracted them to the firm. Why did you decide to join the firm? What is your biggest accomplishment at the firm? Can you tell me what you love most about working here? How would you describe the work environment here, and can you give me a specific example? Where do you see this company in the next few years? What are the company’s primary goals,  and how does this team work to help accomplish those goals? What gets you most excited about the company’s future? What are the next steps in the process? Have you been admitted to business school? If so, do you want to get a head start on defining your career goals? Do you need help preparing for job interviews or learning how to effectively network with your target employers? Or maybe you want to be a top performer in your current role but are unsure how to maximize your potential. Let an mbaMission Career Coach help via a free 30-minute consultation! Share ThisTweet Career Advice MBA Career News

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Correlation Between Masculinity and Empathy Essay

Correlation Between Masculinity and Empathy Many psychological studies have been carried out over the years in the topic of personality, in aiming to grasp the type of factors that are involved in bestowing us the personalities that we hold. Most people will have probably come across various personality tests at some stage or another, which ask you lots of questions and then analyze your results in trying to categorize what kind of personality youve got. One of the most fascinating aspects of personality is the issue of gender roles in our personalities. One would expect men generally have more masculine traits than feminine ones, and women tend to have more feminine traits than masculine ones. Sandra L. Bem (1974), a psychologist,†¦show more content†¦Moreover, they stated that  ¡K ¡K(empathy) should be directly associated with socially undesirable femininity/immature dependency and should be compensated by and thus inversely related to the socially desirable aspects of masculinity (Watson, Biderman and Sawrie, 1994, p.706). Moreover, the Personal Attributes Questionnaire (PAQ) and the Mehrabian and Epstein empathy measure were administered and found a significant negative correlation between empathy, an expressive attribute, and masculinity. Hence, between masculinity and empathy, there ought to be a negative correlation (as cited by Foushee, Davis and Archer, 1979). However, many debates questioned on the negative correlation between masculinity and empathy, an analyses from Schenk and Heinsch (1985) found no significant correlation between empathy and masculinity and femininity to males and females. A research from Karniol, Gabay, Ochion and Harari (1998) even presented positive correlation between masculinity and empathy. In light of the above, the purpose of the current study was to illustrate the relationship between masculinity and empathy, by rehypothesizing that both variables develop a positive correlation between them. Method Participants Participants are one hundred and forty eight undergraduate students enrolled in introductory psychology course for course credit at University of Western Ontario. The sample represents CanadianShow MoreRelatedMasculinity : Masculinity And Masculinity Essay1623 Words   |  7 Pagesbe a shot to his manhood. To most men and boys in western society, masculinity is what separate the men from the women and the boys from the girls. However, what is masculinity and why do most men and boys’ try so hard to guard theirs? My understanding of masculinity, and as technically defined, is having customary qualities attributed to or usually applicable to a male. My position is that society encourages hegemonic masculinity thus forming basis for males to exhibit traditional masculine qualitiesRead MoreMasculinity, Masculinity And Violence1728 Words   |  7 Pagesmany gender systems, masculinity is an expression of male gender that can vary based upon culture and society. Many cultures uph old a set of standards and expectations that an individual must maintain in order to be considered masculine. Several of these expectations can often be dangerous, violent, or even abusive. In particular with a focus on the two-sex, two-gender system of Western, patriarchal society, this paper will investigate the correlation between enforced masculinity and violence. AccordingRead MoreEssay on Military Sexual Assault: The Invisible War by T.K. Barwlow1711 Words   |  7 Pagescommand, who then make the decision of whether or not to prosecute. This can take a longer time than it normally would for civilians, and generally produces a low rate of convictions. Military sexual assault can be defined as unwilling sexual contact between one or more uniformed personnel, frequently associated with physical threats and/or use of force. Unwillingness refers to the victim not consenting to the sexual act being performed, whether the act is performed while the victim is conscious or unconsciousRead MoreOrganizational Culture : The Best Organizational Performance1900 Words   |  8 Pagesfrom IBM employees over 50 countries and sectored into 4 dimensions: I. The individualism describing the difference made by the employee between personal goals/ self-interest and the interest of the organisation. So the process of differing between ‘I’ and ‘WE’.; II. Masculinity defines the competitive ambition, material reward for success and heroism. High masculinity is a characteristic for society build on and defined by the challenge, mostly preferred dimension by western countries with the mottoRead MoreViolent Video Games And Its Po tential Effects3794 Words   |  16 Pagesgames. What many may not realize is that research does assert how the violent contents within video games may lead to aggression, possibly from arousal and being desensitized to real violence. Whilst other researchers argue that the relationship between violent video games and desensitization to real violence is not causal and how other factors such as family violence, one’s development and genetic tendencies and one’s perception of violence may lead to one committing aggression or violence. ThisRead MoreHealth Care Inequity Affecting The Incarcerated Canadian Population2200 Words   |  9 Pageshave an equal right to access health care services of the highest quality.(1)It is clear however that disparity in health between the incarnated and the general Canadian populations exists. It is evident from comparing statistics across a broad range of health conditions that the health care needs of incarcerated persons are not bein g met.(2) In addition to the disparities between prevalence rates of non communicable diseases which can be managed through primary care; there is also an alarmingly highRead MoreFemale Sexual Offenders And Female Sex Offenders1949 Words   |  8 Pagesthey do not want to report it for being seen as a lesbian, whether they are or not. The same goes for children who are victimized by woman. The young girls don’t want to have their sexually orientation questions and boys don’t want to have their masculinity questioned (Solis, Benedek, 2012). These are some reasons that female offences are not always reported. The female sex offenders don’t work alone. The â€Å"National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), examined all (N=232) reported arrests ofRead MoreMan 4102 Class Project Part 12300 Words   |  10 Pagesreasons he feels that culture is so important (Hofstede, 2012). Hofstede’s ideas are based on the premise that people share common human nature and as such the shared human nature of all groups is very social, Hofstede (2012). That all groups use empathy and language, all practice collaboration, and all exhibit intergroup competition (Hofstede, 2012). How we all do these things while still being a good member of our various groups is what defines what Hofstede calls the unwritten rules of cultureRead MoreSocrates Downfall Of Socrates2066 Words   |  9 Pages so the officials just felt like it was being repetitive. This tenacious method of interrogating possibly allowed people to see Socrates as a martyr; nevertheless, in this position, it is not possible to ide ntify if he was stubbornly looking for empathy for his conviction or if he is trying to reach a reasonable verdict. Looking at Socrates’ characteristics and how well he speaks, it is evident that Socrates is not a martyr. Socrates was actually very absorbed in his philosophies, but he was alsoRead MoreHow Change Is Important For The Success Of Managing Change2166 Words   |  9 Pagesenvironmental indicators can be found. Formal systems of a company will help to: scan the environment, benchmark, collect data and interpret the data. The informal system is equally as important as there needs to be cooperation instead of competition between divisions, open attitudes from managers and employees, as well as a culture that supports both innovation and change (Senior and Swailes, 2016). According to Ewenstein, Smith and Sologar (2015), 70% of change programmes fail to achieve the objectives

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How to Teach English Pronunciation Skills

Teaching English pronunciation is a challenging task with different objectives at each level. This guide on how to teach pronunciation provides a short overview of the main issues to be addressed at each level, as well as pointing to resources on the site, such as lesson plans and activities, that you can use in class to help your students improve their English pronunciation skills. Following each level are a few suggestions for level appropriate activities. Finally, the best way to help students improve their pronunciation skills is to encourage them to speak English as much as they possibly can. Introduce the idea that even when doing homework students should be reading aloud. Learning to pronounce English well takes muscle coordination, and that means practice - not just mental activity!   Beginning Level English Learners Key Points: Syllable Stress - students need to  understand that multisyllabic words require syllable stress. Point out common syllable stress patterns.Voiced and Voiceless Consonants - Teach the difference between voiced and voiceless consonants. Have students touch their throats to note the difference between z and s and f and v to demonstrate these differences.Silent Letters - Point out examples of words with silent letters such as the b in comb, -ed endings in the past for regular verbs.Silent final E - Teach the influence of the final silent e generally making the vowel long. Make sure to point out that there are many exceptions to this rule (drive vs. live). Discussion: At the beginning level, English learners need to focus on the basics of pronunciation. In general, the use of rote learning is best for this level. For example, the use of grammar chants is a great way to help students pick up pronunciation skills through repetition. Teaching the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is too challenging at this point as learners are already overwhelmed with the challenges of learning a language. Learning another alphabet for pronunciation is beyond the capability of most beginning level English learners. Certain patterns such as silent letters in English and the pronunciation of -ed in the simple past is a good starting point for future pronunciation drills. Students should also learn the difference between voiced and voiceless consonants. Beginning Level Pronunciation Activities Slap That Word! - Fun game for learners asking them to associate words that are posted on the wall of the classroom. This exercise will reinforce pronunciation patterns during a fun, competitive activityRead and Rhyme - Rhyming game asking students to come up with words that rhyme with others presented on cards. Intermediate Level English Learners Key Points: Use of Minimal Pairs - Understanding the small differences in pronunciation between similar words is a great way to help students notice these differences.Word Stress Patterns  - Help students improve their pronunciation by focusing on short sentences using standard word stress patterns.  Introduce Stress and Intonation - One of the best ways to help students is to focus their attention on the music of English through the use of stress and intonation.   Discussion: At this point, English learners will feel comfortable with relatively simple pronunciation patterns in English. Moving on to exercises using minimal pairs will help learners further refine their pronunciation of individual phonemes. Intermediate level learners should become aware of common word stress patterns, as well as sentence stress types. At this point, students can also begin becoming familiar with the IPA. Intermediate Level Pronunciation Activities IPA Symbol Card Game - This card game helps students learn phonetic symbols. Cards are included on the site that you can print out and use in class.Tongue Twisters - Classic English tongue twisters to help students focus on some of the more challenging phonemes. Advanced Level English Learners Key Points​: Refine Understanding of Stress and Intonation - Further students understanding of stress and intonation by changing up particular words stress to change meaning.Use of Register and Function  - Introduce the idea of changing through pronunciation depending on how formal or informal the situation is.   Improving pronunciation through a focus on stress and intonation is one of the best ways to improve higher intermediate to advanced level English learners. At this level, students have a good grasp on the basics of each phoneme through the use of exercises such as minimal pairs, and individual syllable stress. However, English learners at this level often focus too much on the correct pronunciation of each word, rather than on the music of each sentence. To introduce the concept of stress and intonation and the role it plays in understanding, the students first need to understand the role of content and function words. Use this lesson on practicing stress and intonation to help. Next, students should learn how to use sound scripting - a way of marking up texts to help prepare for reading aloud. Finally, advanced level students should be capable of changing meaning through word stresses within sentences to bring out contextual meaning through pronunciation. Advanced Level Pronunciation Activities IPA Transcription Lesson - Lesson focusing on continuing students familiarity with the IPA in order to focus on the issue of connected speech in English.Pronunciation Activities  from FluentU  - Make pronunciation fun with these clever ideas.

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The New Deforestation Policies Essay - 799 Words

2.5 Required actions from the industry This industry has both corporate responsibility and crucial role in setting up its efforts to tackle these climate changes. The companies need to reverse their positions and ensure that they are able to process their ingredients in more sustainable ways, moving towards land which has more than sufficient resources like water and their land-use methods that can bring down the greenhouse gas emissions and refill carbon sinks. There is also an urgent need of transparent implementation of the new deforestation policies, regulations on the usage of agricultural lands and other resources. They need cleaner food and energy policies. In some of the Asian countries, very high recycling rates are usually achieved only by depositing value of equivalent to about 50% of the beverage price. Srivastava (2015) mentions as suggested by some researchers that this informal recycling lessens the burdens on the government by saving costs on collection and disposal. They have even reduced the landfill by 15% in India and 30% in China and Indonesia. It is quite significant that why such informal measures be formalized and brought into the mainstream economy of the government. 2.6 Recycling – Meeting the challenges of climate changes The economist (2007) explains how recycling has been understood and valued for centuries. The ever growing amount of garbage from the beverage sectors and other sectors were given a different dimension. Rather than recycling,Show MoreRelatedDeforestation : A Worldwide Epidemic1049 Words   |  5 Pages Deforestation: A Worldwide Epidemic Raekwon J. Filmore Department of Biology Spring 2016 â€Æ' Photosynthesis is a key contributor to the survival of humans. Earth is an open system requiring the input energy to drive life processes. Photosynthesis uses light energy to produce chemical energy which is glucose. Photosynthesis deals with plant growth as well as being a source of energy and food. The four things needed for plant growth: energy in the form of solar radiation, carbon in the formRead MoreDeforestation Is A Big Environmental Issue1092 Words   |  5 PagesNowadays, deforestation becomes a big environmental issue around the world since forests play critical roles in many aspects for the life of all the living things. (World Wildlife Fund) There are many factors that will result in deforestation such as â€Å"fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable logging for timber, and degradation due to climate change† (World Wildlife Fund). Human activities would be the main cause of deforestation. (Ronca, 2008, p.1) World WildlifeRead MoreThe Rapid Rate Of Tropical Deforestation847 Words   |  4 Pagesrapid rate of tropical deforestation has raised widespread concern about the consequential irreversible environmental changes that lead to the loss of plant and animal species, on scale never before experienced in human history. Tropical deforestation is the leading cause of biodiversity loss. Behind fossil fuel combustion, tropical deforestation is the second leading cause of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with almost 20% of all global CO2 emissions are caused by deforestation. Meanwhile, there isRead MoreAmazon Rainforest Essay1641 Words   |  7 Pageshas been destroyed by deforestation since the 1960s. At the current rate of deforestation, over half of the remaining rainforest could be gone in the next 17 years (Bradford 2015). Deforestation negatively impacts animal biodiversity in the Amazon Rainforest. There are animal species that can only live in the Amazon Rainforest. With deforestation, they will become extinct. In this paper, habitat fragmentation, the diverse animal and plant population in the Amazon, deforestation, endangered speciesRead MoreDeforestation Is A World Without Trees?1486 Words   |  6 PagesCould you imagine a world without trees? Deforestation is one of the leading causes of environmental catastrophes, loss of biodiversity, climate change and soil erosion. â€Å"Over half of the world’s rainforests have been destroyed in the last 10,000 years or so,† according to the World Wild Life Fund (WWF). The majority of this loss has happened in the last 50 years, occurring simultaneously with a massive increase in the human population. Deforestation is hurting our earth, and therefore, we must demandRead MoreDeforestation: National Environmental Policy1339 Words   |  6 PagesDeforestation Deforestation is a major concern in todays society. The destruction of the worlds forest areas are leaving millions of acres uninhabitable. The varied species of animals and insects that use to live and thrive from these forests are rapidly becoming extinct. The destruction of the forest is also having a detrimental effect on the people through displacement thus forcing them to seek new living accommodations. Many of these people are losing their heritage and cultures leavingRead MoreEssay on The Concern of Deforestation in Todays Society1326 Words   |  6 Pages Deforestation is a major concern in today’s society. The destruction of the world’s forest areas are leaving millions of acres uninhabitable. The varied species of animals and insects that use to live and thrive from these forests are rapidly becoming extinct. The destruction of the forest is also having a detrimental effect on the people through displacement thus forcing them to seek new living accommodations. Many of these people are loosing their heritage and cultures leaving them with aRead MoreThe Most Crucial Problem of Philippine: Deforestation1153 Words   |  5 PagesPhilippine Deforestation: Final Paper Deforestation is one of the most crucial problem of the Philippines today, because of poor economic performance, weak polices, legal institutions and government laws, increasing population, poverty, corruption , agricultural expansion and lastly, extensive commercial logging activities. Philippines is a beautiful country rich in its biodiversity and natural resources, the country has 7,107 islands with a land area of 300,000 square kilometers. UnfortunatelyRead MoreArticle Review On Deforestation And Deforestation999 Words   |  4 The article focuses on the habitat loss due to deforestation. The author talks about the different purpose of deforestation such as agriculture, forestry, or water projects that endangers the species that live in the area. The article is based on information taken from World Wildlife Fund, IUCN, and Red List. The information that the author provides is important and useful to the topic of deforestation. Overall, the article is well written and well researched. MainstreamRead MoreDeforestation Is The Real Consequences Of Deforestation1231 Words   |  5 Pageslike without these forests? If the rate of deforestation continues to increase then we may have to find out the answer to that question. Deforestation is a recurring global problem which is the act of tearing down a forest to use the land for a different purpose. Today’s society is so steadfast on advancement that they aren t stepping back to look at the solutions to the problem, alternatives, nor the very real consequences of deforestation. Deforestation could be destroyed in multiple ways. One of

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Internet Content Ought Not To Be Regulated †Myassignmenhelp.Com

Question: Internet Content Why Ought Not To Be Regulated? Answer: Introducation Censorship has been applied across the world with the intention of regulating access to internet content. Various nations and agencies have cited various reasons as to why there is an urgent need to control media content in the modern world. One of the reasons cited as being behind censorship is the need to prevent children from gaining access to harmful internet content such as video games. This is a feature which allows users of the internet to download and play games on their computers and mobile phones. With the introduction of online betting, video games have been modified to allow people to place bets and play the games to win cash. This feature also allows people to watch and play games such as wrestling while at the same time, an individual can play other important games such as scrabble, chase among others. The internet has various video games application which can be downloaded and saved on the smart phones. The video games feature also allows the individual to view the most popular and most downloaded games among internet users. Moreover, the user has access to instructions on how to play the new game, how to earn points as well as how to win and in some games how to management danger especially in the games that entail fighting. The use of this feature by children has raised concerns over the world. Among the reasons cited as being behind the call for censorship on access to internet content is the fact that children waste a lot of time playing the video games instead of doing other constructive chores. The games are addictive and make children to abandon their books for the sake of playing thereby registering poor academic grades. Another reason behind the call for censorship on access to the internet content is the fact that the modern child is increasingly becoming lazy and careless (Gorman, 2007). This is because they spend a lot of time playing the video games leaving no time for engaging into live activities that might enable them develop their skills such as playing soccer as well as participating in doing household chores which might help shape their future life. Similarly, those calling for regulating access to internet content maintain that through the video games feature, children are exposed to v iolent internet content which if allowed to continue will lead to a future generation of violent personalities since they are exposed to the violence in the video games. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of online betting, access to video games exposes children to gambling. Introduction of live online betting has seen online live betting incorporated in the video games played by the children (Weber,2010). This exposes children to online gambling which may end up destroying their future lives as some end up dropping out of school due to exposure to easy betting money. There are ethical issues that surround online gambling among children caused by their exposure to the internet. Before doing an analysis of the ethical issues surrounding online gambling, a definition of gambling is offered. Gambling entails placing money as stake on an event whose outcome is not known with the hope of the event turning out in your favour and allowing one to win money or material goods at the end of the event. Online gambling on the other hand entails gambling via the internet. Some of the games available on the internet for online gambling include, Bingo, Sports betting, Lotteries, Horse racing betting, Casinos among others. Online gambling according to those advocating fo r censorship of internet content to bar children from accessing the feature of video games that exposes them to online gambling destroys the future of the child. Through online gambling, children are exposed to easy money hence encouraging them to drop out of schools. The vice according to those against it is addictive and could encourage children to engage in other evil acts such as theft in order to raise money to use on online gambling (Speta, 2009). However, I hold a contrary opinion to that held by the various nations of the world over control of internet content. I strongly believe that the internet content ought not to be controlled. Control of the internet content will seriously jeopardise the gains made over the years as a result of freedom by all across the world to access the internet and have their stories shared. Today, it is easy to publish information and have it accessed easily throughout the world within a matter of seconds due to the freedom of the internet. Regulating use of internet content raises ethical questions. For instance, accounting to utilitarianism, an action is deemed ethical if it serves the interest of all parties. Regulating the use of internet content with the intention of denying children access to video games as a way to bar them from online gambling is unethical according to this theory (Brickell, 2012). Through online gambling, children who get lucky manage to win money which they use to satisfy their basic needs. Some of the money and material goods gained from gambling is used for good courses. Hence censoring access to the internet content will deny the children a chance to meet their interests. Most governments put up restrictions to the use of the internet contents for its own interest hence end up using its citizens as a means to an end therefore according to the Kantian categorical imperative, regulation of access to internet content is unethical. This ethical theory maintains that people should never be treated as a means to an end but rather as an end in themselves (Shety, et al. 2010). Hence instead of regulating access to internet content, people should be allowed to exercise freedom in the use of the internet contents From the ethical point of view, it is therefore not right to censor access to internet content as means to bar children from accessing video games and stop them from online gambling. Instead, mechanisms should be put in place to promote responsible gambling and playing of other video games. Today, there are adequate software to be used to block access by children to internet contents meant for adults. Moreover, the available software does not only apply to children content (Bowie Jamal, 2006). Today, software are available that can be used to promote safe internet shopping and hence reduce evils such as fraud. For instance, one can use effective anti-virus software tools that are available in an attempt to make activities such as online shopping sessions safe for use by human beings across the world. I therefore strongly hold the opinion that instead of putingt up measures geared towards regulating access to the internet, the society should be educated on the safe as well as unsafe habits on the internet to make them cautious while using the internet than regulating. Barring children from using the internet on the pretext that they will be exposed to harmful content will end up denying children an opportunity to access the positive side of the internet which fortunately is more than the negative sides. Such a move will deny the children a chance to access good lessons that come along due to access and use of the internet (Goldsmith Wu, 2006). Moreover, whereas the government may deem some internet content inappropriate and want to regulate it, the same content may be of significant for use to online writers as well as researchers hence regulating it may deny a chance of using the same information for good courses by the relevant persons (Ballon Van Heesvelde, 2011). It would be argued from the human rights point of view that blocking access to certain sites is an abuse to the right of human beings to have access to information which is provided for under the United Nations Charter on Human Rights. Moreover, some sites which might be viewed by the government to be inappropriate might be a good source of leisure to the hardworking citizens therefore regulating such sites may deny the hardworking citizens a chance to enjoy their leisure time after hard work (Pasquale, 2008). In countries where regulation of access to internet content has been implemented, it has proved to be counterproductive. For instance, in the United States, regulation led to a closure of sites that are deemed essential for study by students thereby denying the students a chance to access crucial information that is essential for their studies. Education and sensitization of the society on safe use of the internet will not only make the internet a free territory but ensure that the users of the internet are protected from accessing harmful content on the internet (Mathiesen, 2013). Arguing in support of the need to sensitize the society on the responsible use of the internet content instead of regulation, Gaylord (1999) points out that providers of internet services should create and promote a culture of responsibility among the users of the internet through the establishment as well as ensuring that a code of conduct is implemented by all in the course of using the internet content. This will ensure that internet users Financial in responsible behaviour and access responsible content. This way, the internet users will not feel as if they are coerced to adhere to a certain way of life. Instead, the users of the internet will be responsible while using the internet and this will end up promoting a culture of responsibility w ithin the society (Van Noort, et al. 2008). In conclusion, in coming up with measures meant to regulate access to internet content that is harmful to children, the governments should embrace measures which while reducing access to harmful content will encourage and promote internet use. Technology has more advantages than disadvantages to humanity hence any measure towards controlling access in the area of technology must be geared towards promoting the use of technology as opposed to regulating its use by human beings (Solomon, 2010) References Areheart, B. A. (2011). Regulating Cyberbullies Through Notice-Based Liability. 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